What happened? This all looks so strange to me... You are looking at the relaunch page of the original Bloxpress project which was initiated October 2005 with a key media partner. The first BETA which came out that time has been discontinued due to various reasons. This is still a one-man project but I am proud to announce that i finally could pick up development again. I have rewritten the whole system from the scratch. There is nothing left from Bloxpress 0.4, so if you thought back then that this theme sucks then give the upcoming version a try. It is now on a whole new level and comes with tons of new features and finally represents what Bloxpress originally was supposed to be!


Bloxpress is an theme that acts as a plugin between your favourite theme and the Bloxpress system. Bloxpress enables you and your visitors to modify your website live by simply using drag and drop. It can be extended very easily and offers an powerful yet smart API for developers who like to built up on the core. Learn more

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Bloxpress is utitlizing the latest in webdevelopment. Supports near to any available browser.

Bloxpress gracefully degrades. Your blog remains usuable even without Javascript!

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[ANN] Widgets Support

I want to announce that i have successfully integrated the Wordpress Widgets system into BloxPress. Yes.. Finally!

I am building on Wordpress 2.1 and i’ve used the latest version of the Wiget plugin. It works like this: You can setup your layout like you are used to over the “Sidebar Widgets” menu. That done the widgets will show up on the page as usualy. Now your readers may rearrange them to their likings aswell

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The documentation

A sad e-mail reached me this morning. Unfortunately the hosting company has no backups that are of any value. The data is therefore lost. I never suffered data loss before and so i am pretty much unprepared. A friend recommended this company for hard drive recovery. They say the likelihood i can recover my docs on the old drive is very high. I want to apologize to all participating people. It won’t happen again. Since the problem is sorta related to the WikiLocation system, i will search for a better wiki system to document the upcoming release.

You can always simply

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BloxPress is a theme-engine with drag-and-drop functionality, flavored with AJAX. Let your visitors rearrange the whole layout as they please.

BloxWhat? The name comes from the way how BloxPress works. Instead of having a single static sidebar we have blocks. Small pieces of content for you and your visitors to puzzle with.

Bloxpress uses the latest technology in webdevelopment and targets developers as well as you. It is highly extensible and completly modular. The Javascript API is powered by Prototype, Behaviour and Script.aculo.us.

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