Download new Blocks right here and unzip them to your bloxpress2 folder. If you want to create and share new blocks you can follow the instructions in the wiki on how to make one. You can download a empty folder structure here. If you pack the folder structure it will be easier for everyone to install them right. Post download links and announce on the forums and i will add and host them here.

Available Blocks

Name Description Author Download
Posts Displays all your posts, aka blog-maincontent. Kjell Bublitz Download

If you need help always have a visit on the forums.


BloxPress is a theme-engine with drag-and-drop functionality, flavored with AJAX. Let your visitors rearrange the whole layout as they please.

BloxWhat? The name comes from the way how BloxPress works. Instead of having a single static sidebar we have blocks. Small pieces of content for you and your visitors to puzzle with.

Bloxpress uses the latest technology in webdevelopment and targets developers aswell as you. It is highly extensible and completly modular. The Javascript API is powered by Prototype, Behaviour and

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