[ANN] Widgets Support

I want to announce that i have successfully integrated the Wordpress Widgets system into BloxPress. Yes.. Finally!

I am building on Wordpress 2.1 and i’ve used the latest version of the Wiget plugin. It works like this: You can setup your layout like you are used to over the “Sidebar Widgets” menu. That done the widgets will show up on the page as usualy. Now your readers may rearrange them to their likings aswell - live at your page.

But don’t worry.. this does not mean that everyone could mess with your setup. The changes made are temporary and only visible to them (cookie based). So this is 100% native widget support. You can do as you like, they can do as they like: everyone is happy. :)

Isn’t that great? Well, i am amazed and i hope you welcome this feature aswell. :D

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