New Version: 1.5.7 *update*

*IMPORTANT* If you have downloaded the file several hours ago and the version still says 1.5.6 please download again. I forgot to update the version number before packing. Sorry.

The new version is available for download and comes with the following:

Things i added:

  • Anchor-Scrolling (up, down) is now dynamic. Just give a #anchor link the class “scrolljump” and it will scroll smooth to that place. “scrolldown”, “scrollup” is deprecated.
  • Splitted Options into 2 pages:

    options (template, images, text) and system (advanced, uninstall, onlinecheck)
  • If a new preset for a template, that initially had none, is saved it will become the default preset for your page automaticly
  • The automatic folding of a block while it’s being moved is now a option which can be found on the new system page.

Things i fixed:

  • Blockmenu position in included templates. (Bug 11/13)
  • Livesearch shouldn’t be overlapped by blocks in Internet Explorer anymore (Bug 4)
  • check_ajax_referer has been included in the AJAX file incase your installment doesn’t include it from wordpress by itself. Saving shouldn’t be a problem anymore.(Bug 12)
  • The images-folder will now be saved right after clicking “Save” in Options-dialog. This addresses some problems posted on the forums about vanishing icons. (Bug 11)
  • Preset-bug has been fixed with the above addition of a proper fallback solution

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