Upcoming version

Hi all.

I am actually busy fixing some stuff that was a little bugged. I will inform now what is done so far and ask you to post in the comments things you have found and which are missing in the lists below.

Things i added:

  • Splitted Options into 2 pages:
    options (template, images, text) and system (advanced, uninstall, onlinecheck)
  • If a new preset for a template, that initially had none, is saved it will become the default preset for your page automaticly
  • The automatic folding of a block while it’s being moved is now a option which can be found on the new system page.

Things i fixed:

  • check_ajax_referer has been included in the AJAX file incase your installment doesn’t include it from wordpress by itself. Saving shouldn’t be a problem anymore.
  • The images-folder will now be saved right after clicking “Save” in Options-dialog. This addresses some problems posted on the forums about vanishing icons.
  • Preset-bug has been fixed with the above addition of a proper fallback solution

Next i will fix the included templates who are not showing the addblock menu right. Maybe tune that function a little to work better on all themes. Additionally i will hunt the JS Bug with the live-search.

If you know more that i should look after let me know.

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