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Current version: 1.5.7
Details about: See changelog

Known Issues and Bugtracker and Support

No one is perfect.. but i am here to help and you are called to report issues.
As for now i can tell that the RSS Reader is not working properly. Fix will come very soon.
If you find something is a bug post it to the bugtracker.
If you just need help to get it running go to the forum.

Quickinstall Instructions

  1. Download and Upload the “bloxpress2″ folder to your “wp-themes” directory
  2. Set the following folders and it’s files to have writeaccess (chmod 777):
    • bloxpress2/system/cache
    • bloxpress2/system/workdir
  3. Go to your Presentation Tab in the Adminpanel and activate it
  4. Click on Bloxpress Options to initialize the installer
  5. Click on “View site” to check if everything is working

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Changelog and Demo

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BloxPress is a theme-engine with drag-and-drop functionality, flavored with AJAX. Let your visitors rearrange the whole layout as they please.

BloxWhat? The name comes from the way how BloxPress works. Instead of having a single static sidebar we have blocks. Small pieces of content for you and your visitors to puzzle with.

Bloxpress uses the latest technology in webdevelopment and targets developers aswell as you. It is highly extensible and completly modular. The Javascript API is powered by Prototype, Behaviour and

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