I wrote this basicly for myself. In some way to take the challenge and in some way to see what is really possible. The whole creative part had happened by accident and while playing around. I believe in the WordPress community and because of that i give this away under the CreativeCommons GPL license.

This product may not be used for commercial projects.

What i define commercial?
Commercial is if you use my BloxPress theme, change some graphics and colors and sell it to your costumer as it was your theme. That’s what i call commercial.

I wrote this all alone and put much love into it, keep that in mind and respect my intellectual property.


BloxPress is a theme-engine with drag-and-drop functionality, flavored with AJAX. Let your visitors rearrange the whole layout as they please.

BloxWhat? The name comes from the way how BloxPress works. Instead of having a single static sidebar we have blocks. Small pieces of content for you and your visitors to puzzle with.

Bloxpress uses the latest technology in webdevelopment and targets developers aswell as you. It is highly extensible and completly modular. The Javascript API is powered by Prototype, Behaviour and

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