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    • CommentAuthorkolanos
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2006 edited
    1.5.7 has so many bugs I don't even know where to start...I sure hope they are being fixed.

    Just off the top of my head:

    + IE support (maximize/minimize doesn't work for example)
    + "Bloxpress Preset" just doesn't work at all (doesn't save changes, can't create new presets, etc.)
    + bloxpressConfig.js is not being configured properly on installation ('themepath' and 'tplpath' are both being set to localhost URLs instead of the correct ones)
    + There's all sorts of issues with the default theme (mostly CSS related)
    + "add blocks" doesn't seems to do anything (tested in Firefox, IE, Opera, ...)

    That's off the top of my head, I've since fixed probably another half dozen other bugs but have since forgotten about. I'll try to remember them and post them here.

    Hope a new version is on the way!
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