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    • CommentAuthorkolanos
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2006 edited
    Why not use the 3kb moo.fx to do the few effects that are used on Bloxpress instead of using the behemoth that is scriptaculous?


    For the scrolling functionality:

    It certainly would make Bloxpress load faster, out of the box right now (thanks in large part to scriptaculous) is 40KB+, which is insane.

    Oh, and moo.fx is based on prototype, so it's not like there's a huge learning curve.
    • CommentAuthorTom
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2006
    agreed - and mootools is also very, very powerful yet lightweight.

    moo.fx however doesn't have drag and drop right "out of the box" (as far as I know) though mootools can handle that.
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