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    • CommentAuthorjimmy
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2007 edited

    First of all I say thanks to you, your theme is really very good I was planning to apply it on my site but when I saw the demo I found few bugs. And I really want to tell you about that because I really interested to use it in my site.

    I opened demo in IE 6.x I know it works fine in Firefox but my viewer majority, you can say almost is those who use Internet Explorer. There are few bugs & I want at least first one should be fixed and with second one I can manage.

    1) On the extreme upper left side Search box where it's written "Search Blog" I wrote demo as soon as I wrote it display little window with some result and the new window is transparent due to that below "Categories" links are also visible along with search result so it messed up the layout.

    Along with it when I was tried another time & I just wrote "dem" and it was displaying ajax animation, simultaneously I press TAB key from keyboard and the whole layout was spoiled. You can also check it yourself.

    I request you please fixed it as soon as possible

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